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Wedding Ceremonies In Phuket

I often get asked – what is a Celebrant ?

A celebrant is someone who conducts a ceremony, just like a priest or vicar but as a celebrant I cannot perform the legal side to your marriage – yet – watch this space!

As my ceremonies are mainly on the shores of a beautiful sandy beach or stunning private villa in Thailand, most couples choose to have either a quick trip to the registry office in their own country to make the marriage legal first, or, choose to do the legal side in Bangkok and have the Amphur (local Thai registrar) atend the ceremony and put the final legal signature on the documents, the choice is always yours.

My job as your celebrant is to conduct your wedding ceremony for you on your wedding day.

It really is as simple as this

The two of you, a special place, your family and friends, saying the words you really mean to each other, celebrating everything that brought you to this special place, and all that you are looking forward to doing as a couple in the future.

Weddings, big or small, public or intimate, indoors or out, should be all about the two of you and what makes you happy. Nothing else matters.

With your input, I’ll write you a ceremony so special that you’ll never forget it.

You will still have vows, exchange of rings, music of your choice, readings or poems and most importantly

The First Kiss

My ceremonies create moments to remember, usually with laughter and happiness but are never cheesy, stiff or dull.

I’ll perform it with all the joy and delight I can and guide you every step of the way, so you have nothing to worry about.

So what if you do get your vows in a twist through trying to fight back the tears, it’s all part of what makes your day unique to you.
I am there with you, to guide you and to help you,

Trust me – I’m a celebrant !

As a celebrant, I don’t just perform wedding ceremonies.

Vow Renewal Ceremonies

These are a wonderful way to reiterate your love for one another on maybe a special wedding anniversary or just because you want to relive your wedding day.

A Commitment Ceremony

Much the same as a wedding ceremony or vowel renewal but maybe for some reason a legal wedding is not possible so this is a good way to show your love and commitment to each other.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

This is such a lovely way to welcome a new born baby in to the world, but also just as magical to welcome adopted children into your family too.

Whatever your ceremony or need for celebration

I am happy to help you create the best day ever and a day you will never forget

Here are just some of the many ways we can personalise your ceremony too….

Sand Pouring

Two glasses of sand are poured in to one, to represent you uniting as a couple and just as the grains of sand can never be separated so will your marriage be.

This is a must have for beach weddings!

Hand Fasting

This is something quite unique to me here in Phuket, whilst you say your vows to each other, I bind your hands together with beautiful ribbons to compliment the colour scheme of your day.

It’s where the saying “tying the knot” comes from.

Breaking of the Glass

Traditionally only at Jewish weddings
Breaking the glass signifies the end of the ceremony and time for celebration!
So let’s party!

It’s your day so I am really looking forward to meeting you and to creating your wonderful ceremony xx